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Our new sister company adds broad scope to our offering

Innavisions is a specialist provider of food packaging aimed at the manufacturing and prepared aspects of the food industry. It’s greatest strength is the broad base of manufacturing partners that it can bring to bear on any project. Providing bespoke solutions for some of the biggest brands.

Injection moulding and in particular In Mould Labelling (IML) are where it leads the category. This advance provides high clarity labelling in a mono material and as a result the items are fully recyclable with no need for label and container seperation.

In Mould Labelling (IML)

The process involves placing a polypropylene (PP) label inside the mould before the liquid PP is injected.

Under pressure, the injected PP solidifies to incorporate the label.

On release from the mould the pot is now a single piece of PP ready for use in food manufacturing.

When the consumer is ready to dispose of the pot, as it is a single piece of PP, it can be recycled in its entirety.


Innavisions website for more info

Benefits of Polypropylene

Whether injection moulded or thermoformed, items made of PP have a number of benefits

  • They can be hot filled
  • They can be microwaved
  • They are suitable for freezing
  • They can be film sealed
  • They are fully recyclable

The injection moulded items are more robust and generally a slightly heavier gauge. In addition they have smooth, straight walls, whereas thermoformed trays have ridges for added strength.

Both have lid options and they are all BRCGS / IOP accredited at manufacture.

Innavisions website for more info

A complete package

Produce Packaging in conjuction with Innavisions can provide a complete package for your produce. All the items needed from manufacture to consumer can be found with us!

  • Primary container with optional IML
  • Additional items if required (ie cartonboard sleeve)
  • Secondary collation packaging (boxes or shelf ready trays)
  • Tertiary packaging (for transit)
  • Palletisation products (film, strap etc)

For more information on any of the above contact us today.

Innavisions website for more info

We are a small team with over 60 years experience creating & delivering plastic packaging including Plastic containers, Plastic Trays, Injection Moulded, Thermoformed containers, Microwaveable Trays and Promotional drinking cups to food customers in the UK. Innavisions provides standard off the shelf items as well as custom made packaging solutions.

Established for 17 years, we specialise in injection moulded plastic food packaging which is tamper evident or film sealable. Service is the key to our philosophy and we are proud to have long and ongoing relationships with the majority of our customers.

Innavisions are the exclusive UK Sales and Product Development partners to three leading European plastic packaging manufacturers. These manufacturers products combine to offer the widest range of standard injection moulded food packaging in the UK. Our UK Sales Office offers the customer a single point of contact for all communication, to ensure that you the customer gets the right product on time and in full. Shipping and invoicing is done directly from the manufacturer, so that we can offer the best possible prices. The best of both worlds.

Innavisions also works closely with the manufacturers to offer new and innovative bespoke packaging solutions and our recent track record of doing this can be seen on the UK supermarket shelves. Innavisions are the leading plastic packaging suppliers in the UK working and working closely with its Europian Partners can offer it’s customers the best packaging options to suit their packaging requirements.

In addition, Innavisions works with alternative approved European manufacturers to offer off the shelf solutions where the need arises.