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Packaging and the environment

Packaging plays a vital role in the produce supply chain. Ensuring the safe distribution of goods around the world or around the corner. Produce Packaging understands that the topic can be emotive and strives to evolve for the benefit of the produce supply chain and the environment.

Over 99% of of our products are recyclable after use and a large proportion are compostable either at home or industrially. Biodegradability is an option for various products but recycling rather than disposal is our aim. Re-use not refuse. We support and encourage the proper handling of our products through the appropriate recycling chain. They can be used again, and again, and again – so let’s all make sure we do.

Social Plastic from Carton Pack

Our longstanding Italian supply partner Carton Pack, are one of the worlds leading manufacturers of packaging made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (widely known as rPET or recycled PET). Taking this principle further is their commitment to Social Plastic, a drive to make a real difference in conjunction with Plastic Bank. Alongside progress in making all of their trays from 100% recovered and recycled material, they are working toward the best possible performance aligned with all of our responsibility to reuse and recycle as much as we can.  To discover more about this and how it benefits us all, please click here.


Recyclable Plastic Produce Trays

Moulded Fibre Trays (paper pulp)

Increasingly influential Scottish supply partner Robert Cullen Ltd, is at the forefront of changes in packaging materials using a principle known for hundreds of years. Used with little fanfare over the last one hundred years, mainly for transporting eggs, moulded fibre has really come of age. Previously confined to organic or premium products, moulded fibre production has progressed to become a mainstream choice for those concerned with the environmental impact of fresh produce packaging. Manufactured from the off-cuts of their own box making plant, the trays are 100% recycled and 100% recyclable in your kerbside paper collection. They can also be composted at home or industrially. Available in a range of colours and many styles, this material goes from strength to strength.

Moulded Fibre Produce Trays

Thermoformed Fibre

The prize-winning Earthcycle range of products from innovative Canadian company CKF Inc, have used the principle of moulded fibre and by thermoforming the material it has the added advantage of being top sealable. Being made from a combination of recycled paper and wood pulp from the FSC (sustainable) lumber industry, it also has an advantage over other thermoformed pulp trays because it can be recycled in kerbside waste paper collections. The majority of other thermoformed pulp trays cannot due to the content being plant matter that is unable to be used in the paper industry and as such they must either be composted or end up in landfill. A brilliant alternative to plastic, you will see more of this material in retailers this year.

Thermoformed Fibre Produce Trays