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Alan Sharp Retires

After 18 years of valued and professional service, Alan Sharp has hung up his keys to the fleet and retired to put his feet up. A well earned rest after...

Alan Sharp joined PP / HLH in 2004 as an HGV driver having arrived from Brake Brothers as an HGV fitter of 20 years. It was time to stop fixing and start driving the vehicles. After 17 years of sterling service with us, he has decided to hang up his gloves and retire once and for all.

Alan might have had a better start with us, breaking a wing mirror on his first day, but in the grand scheme of things, there have been more costly drivers! With his quiet charm and dislocated accent, Alan has undoubtedly been one of the rocks that Produce Packaging has built upon over this time, getting on with the task at hand and making our relationship with our customers ever stronger.


Alan recalls “In the early years I always liked the mixture of jobs that I got to do. Whether it was for chemical or packaging, there was always somewhere new to go and new customers to meet (and considerably less traffic!). I always tried to treat our customers as I would like to be treated myself, it worked most of the time! I really don’t remember any bad times as such, there’ll always be the odd difficult customer and the time I had off when I broke my wrist was annoying, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the time I have had here.”

He continues “I have lots of fond memories, from the company dos and the Christmas meals to the day-to-day banter and being able to have a laugh with some good friends that I have made here. It has been a joy to work for a growing company that both cares and is professional in its outlook. My funniest memory can’t be printed here but if you see me, please ask!”

Alan finally got to clock out for the last time in early November and shortly afterwards we all joined Alan and his lovely wife Kay for a celebratory meal. Speeches were made and a glass raised in his honour and in envy of him!

About the future Alan says “I’m slowly getting into the swing of retirement and very much looking forward to the long walks and holidays that time now allows. I will get back up North more and hope to see The Mighty Leeds United! I’ve also been “told” that my cooking is going to get better!”


Alan leaves a hole in the team at Marden and we can only hope that we meet his like again. He will be keeping an eye on us though “I have worked with a good crowd and wish them all the best of luck. Don’t miss me too much and I’ll be popping in to see you from time to time”

We would like to thank you again Alan, all of us at Produce Packaging and the wider business wish you a happy and long retirement.