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Celebrating a 25 Year Partnership

We celebrate 25 years of working closely with our longest standing partner ...

Produce Packaging strives to be a trusted partner to its customers, to be relied upon with the products and services that our industry demands. We would not be able to achieve this without the relationships that we nurture with our suppliers and it is with both pride and gratitude that we celebrate 25 years of working closely with our longest standing partner, Grupo Celulosas Moldeadas, better known in the UK as Cemosa.

Cemosa have been our manufacturing supply partner for moulded fibre (pulp) liners since we ceased manufacturing boxes ourselves and became a distributor of a wider range of packaging for the fresh produce industry.

Over the years we have provided liners in various materials but only Cemosa liners have been a constant, and given the move away from plastics in this field, the vast majority of our output has been, and continues to be, Cemosa pulp liners. In addition to the expected use for fresh apples, pears and melons, they have been used for a variety of less expected ventures from bath bombs to chick feeding trays. The nature of the fresh produce industry throws up many challenges and it is Cemosas range, flexibility and professional capability that has enabled us to face these tests, knowing that we have the best option in the field in our armoury.

Many of our team have been fortunate to visit the Cemosa facility over the years and on a recent trip, we were delighted to catch up Erlantz Abaitua and Eder Yuguero, friends of many years, who were kind enough to offer some thoughts on our relationship.

“Firstly, we would like to express our sincere thanks for the commitment and professionalism that Produce Packaging has provided to Cemosa over the past 25 years of collaboration. It may be easy to say but 25 years is a difficult number to reach in today’s business relationship. Certain indispensable ingredients are needed to attain such a long-lasting and successful partnership.

On the professional side, responsibility, respect, trust and loyalty, mutual support and expert knowledge of the industry, the product and the customer make this long-lasting partnership possible, and the work pay off. Communication has always been easy, clear, and honest, both by its management and by its sales force and administration.


The professionalism in anticipating needs and always having good levels of available stock, the concern for high quality standards as well as the financial solidity and stability make Produce Packaging a reference partner for us and we are also proud of its important growth that has led it to expand infrastructures, facilities, and business areas.

On the other hand, perhaps more importantly, we must note the shared ethical values and the personal side. The always respectful, close, and friendly relationship has led to the creation of bonds of friendship that go beyond work-related issues. This has helped us to strive for each other’s mutual well-being in times of difficulties and great uncertainties that we have faced, whether personal, social, or economic. Lately there have been a few arising from Brexit, the times of Covid, the energy crisis, and so on.

We have always supported ourselves to move forward in the best possible conditions and we have managed to adapt quickly to changing market and customer needs. This reactivity also keeps us as the main reference in the most sustainable and natural fruit packaging market.

All in all, Produce Packaging is the best face our brand can have in the UK, we are proud to say that we look forward to continuing tackling the challenges of the market together, to continue growing hand in hand with you and to celebrate the Golden Jubilee in another 25 years.

We look forward to a continued partnership and to maintaining this fruitful working relationship in the future. Once again, thank you for your efforts and for contributing to the success of our common project.”

To echo that sentiment, Produce Packaging is delighted to be celebrating this milestone and look forward to another 25 years of success.

Thank you Cemosa.