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100% pass rate so far! Investing in our people is always a priority and we are very happy to be training our own HGV drivers for the future. We are...

Meet the latest investments in our future

Produce Packaging investing to train its own HGV drivers.

It will not have passed anyone by that competition for HGV drivers is intense. So there is no better way to bypass this than by training our own drivers and ensuring our business has the resources it needs to continue growing. With their ambition and our guidance and opportunity, Mike, John, Mark, Ben and Dan will be the future of the Produce Packaging fleet.

In addition to investing in our people we have recently started a program of investment in our vehicle fleet. Our first sleeper cab was delivered in March of this year and we now have another on order for delivery in early 2022. The first vehicle has proved so valuable in adding flexibility to our logistics that getting a second was an easy decision to make. We are now able to cover the entire UK,  both delivering the essential products that our customers demand, but also to collect them from our manufacturing partners. Reducing lead times, reducing vehicle movements and enhancing our ability to provide first class customer service.

We have been very fortunate that the Produce Packaging (and H L Hutchinson) ethos has meant that turn over of staff, and particularly drivers, has been very low over the years. Given the current climate, it might be easy to see greener grass on the other side of the fence but our team are committed to us and this training program is designed to add strength and depth.

We must, of course, plan for the replacement of retiring drivers and one of our stalwarts, Alan Sharp has recently retired after 17 years of professional service at our Marden depot. Another long serving driver will be joining him on the beach of retirement in a couple of years too! So adding to our delivery driver numbers is an essential part of planning for the future and they are investments we are only too pleased to make. Meet some of the team below.



Phil Reynolds - Marden

Phil and his copious beard joined us in August as our latest driver recruit.  He is currently travelling the highways and byways in one of our vans as he familiarises himself with the business and processes involved whilst also getting to know our products and some of our customers.

Phil will shortly be embarking on his training with an eye to achieving his C licence shortly and then moving on to his +E at a later date.

Welcome aboard Phil,  looking forward to updating this page with good news soon.

John Stillwell - Marden

John joined us at Marden in 2019 to help with the rising demand placed upon our box erecting facility. Having proved hardworking and thorough in his approach, with a good eye for detail, we knew that John was a very capable member of the team.

This year, as our need for drivers has grown, John expressed an interest in training for his HGV licences and we were only to happy to set him on the path.

Currently learning the ropes in the yard and completing the steps needed to apply for his full licences, we hope to see John ticking off both C + E qualifications in 2022.

UPDATE! John has successfully achieved his C licence and can now utilise our larger vehicles. He hopes to add his E category later but is already racking up the miles. Congratulations John.

Mark Dauny - Spalding

Slightly in advance of Ben and Dan in terms of existing qualifications, Mark joined our Spalding team earlier this year.

“I joined Produce Packaging in August as a delivery driver. From the moment I stepped through the door I was made to feel part of the team.

I have been driving class two vehicles for over 15 years, delivering building supplies and products nationwide for my previous employer. I am really enjoying working with the guys at Spalding, interacting with my customers and in general working for the business. After being ‘just another number’ for my previous employer, it is refreshing to be valued and treated on par with my peers.

I have been offered the opportunity to take my class one license at the end of the year, which I am excited about.”

We are all looking forward to seeing you take the next steps Mark.

UPDATE! Mark has successfully added the E category to his licence and can now utilise our full fleet for maximum efficiency, including our sleeper cabs and trailers. Excellent work Mark.

Dan Crosby - Marden

Joining us most recently is Dan. HGV driving is a new ambition for Dan and the timing was perfect.

“I joined Produce Packaging in November as a trainee HGV delivery driver. I’ve worked on the same estate as Produce Packaging for several years and knew a few of the staff, so settling in has been easy.

I have joined from a Plastics Moulding company around the corner from the Marden depot and the opportunity to train and work as an HGV driver was too good to pass up. I’ll also be training to work in the box erecting facility. I am looking forward to getting on the road and meeting our customers whilst learning.

My spare time is well spent as I am a musician and play guitar in a rock band. I am sure I’m going to enjoy my time at Produce Packaging, but if I get the call to play Wembley and go on tour with the band’s album, I’ll be off!”

We are looking forward to seeing you on the road Dan, once you’re qualified you can be your own roadie too!

UPDATE! Dan has successfully achieved his C licence and can now utilise our larger vehicles. After getting some miles under his belt, we hope he will extend this to include the E category at a later date. Happy travels Dan.