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Inside Look: Produce Packaging’s Visit to Saica Pack’s Cutting-Edge Facility

Our marketing team visits Saica Pack's £80 million box-making facility in Scotland. ...

In a significant development for the Scottish supply chain, Produce Packaging’s Marketing Team recently revisited Saica’s state-of-the-art corrugate facility in Livingston, Scotland. This visit follows an earlier trip this year, where Produce Packaging brought several Scottish growers to tour the new site and witness its innovative capabilities firsthand.

Produce Packaging team with some of our Scotland growers visiting Saica Pack's Livingston site in early 2024.

Produce Packaging marketing team visiting Saica Pack's Livingston site in June 2024.

Revolutionizing Packaging Solutions in Scotland

The expansion of Saica Pack in Scotland represents a transformative opportunity for local growers and businesses. The facility’s cutting-edge automation technology allows for easier access to both machine erect and hand erect boxes, catering to a wide range of customer needs. This innovation ensures that Produce Packaging can offer bespoke packaging solutions in all board grade combinations, enhancing the efficiency and quality of the Scottish supply chain.

Produce Packaging is committed to providing top-quality packaging solutions to our Scottish customers. We supply a range of box-making machines and blanks, enabling customers to produce their own packaging as needed. Our bespoke boxes, available in both machine and hand erect specifications, ensure that we can meet any requirement with precision and quality.

Expanding Offerings with Innavisions

In a strategic move to enhance our product portfolio, we have expanded the offerings of our sister company, Innavisions. This expansion includes bespoke retail-ready boxes to accompany their fresh food packaging, providing an integrated solution that enhances product presentation and marketability. This synergy between Produce Packaging and Innavisions ensures that our customers receive comprehensive packaging solutions tailored to their specific needs.

A Bright Future for Scottish Supply Chain

The collaboration with Saica Livingston allows Produce Packaging to deliver exceptional service and innovative packaging solutions to our Scottish customers. This partnership not only strengthens the supply chain but also ensures that local growers have access to the best packaging technologies available. We are excited about the future and remain dedicated to supporting the Scottish supply chain with top-quality, customized packaging solutions.

For more information about our packaging solutions or to discuss your unique packaging needs, please contact us at:

Email: info@producepackaging.co.uk
Phone: 01622 831423