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New Livery for Produce Packaging

Coming to a delivery near you soon ...

Upgrading the fleet

As we replace our fleet of vehicles, there are some noticeable changes coming.

With our geographical coverage growing, and the average delivery size growing with it, we have embarked on a program to upgrade and upsize our fleet. You may already have benefitted from our larger sleeper cabbed vehicles, as we have already replaced two “day” cab lorries with Actros sleepers. There are more on the way.

That is not the only change though. As we develop the fleet, we are also changing to our own bespoke curtain livery (which a lucky few will have seen!) and our trailers will also be refreshed with new curtains to help us promote our range.



These new lorries and trailers enable us to achieve more per trip than ever before.

Able to carry 26 pallets, we can deliver more per movement than ever before over greater distances, using less fuel.

They also enable us to collect full loads from our manufacturing partners which reduces the time these vehicles spend empty on the road.

Combined with better fuel efficiency and surpassing future emissions targets, these are helping to improve our logistics in every way.

Coming to a delivery near you soon!

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