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Spalding Depot Expansion

Produce Packaging have completed the expansion of the Spalding Depot on time and with great effect...... ...


Depot expansion investment – Spalding, Lincs.

Our purpose built depot at Spalding in Lincolnshire has provided us with the means to grow and service our customer base since leaving Wisbech in 2016. To meet the needs of the business, as both ourselves and our industry develop, we have expanded the site to ensure it is ready for the future.

In addition to more than doubling the size of the depot, there are a number of features and systems that further enhance the capabilities of the operation. These include a wholly enclosed loading and unloading bay with weather proof roller doors plus speed doors to the interior of the build to keep the weather at bay – a one-way system around the building to ensure both safety and smooth operation of the site – redesigning the internal storage layout to maximise capacity and efficiency – further investment in digital systems for stock management and the combination of paperless EPOD deliveries with real-time delivery tracking.

The Full Journey

August 2022

We are incredibly pleased to announce the completion of the expansion at our Spalding Depot. It has been a hugely successful build and we are so pleased to be able to utilise the opportunities it affords from day one.

Starting back in January we embarked upon a significant investment and addition to our infrastructure. Delivered on time despite all of the challenges that we have all faced in 2022, the build has proved that with a good team you get good results. Our thanks go to all involved but especially our own Spalding team for managing this change with such little impact on operations throughout.

The real impact starts now!


July 2022


We are on target for the original finish date! 29th July is fast approaching but all is good so far. Warehouse racking now on site ready for installation and all electrics now completed.

Later this week the new signage goes up and then we are tantalisingly close to removing the old exterior wall for the big reveal.

Given the issues with supply chains in recent times, everyone has done a brilliant job of keeping the build on track.

June 2022


Excellent to see the walls up (nearly complete) last week. All done now and doors going on. A big clean up will follow and then services get completed.

Still very much on target and racking installation ready to go.

These investments are essential to continue the growth and improvement of our services and reflect the hard work and success of the entire team.

Thoughts of a celebratory opening are creeping in…….

May 2022


Happy to see the floor being laid in the extension now. Some poor weather held us up a little but we are still on schedule thanks to early progress.

Things have definitely moved on since my day, laying a floor of this size used to have a gang of folks with shovels. Progress eh?

And progress is reason for the work; we continue to grow and invest in the business in a cycle that benefits both us and our customers.

April 22


We are still making excellent progress and despite a slow start, we are looking good to finish on time. We now have a roof! It won’t be too long before it is weather tight and and the floor is installed. This is a bit like watching your birthday present being wrapped in front of you and knowing you can’t open it until your birthday. Which is in 2 months time. The agony!

April 2022


Despite the recent turn in the weather, we have now completed the steel frame for our extension. April Fools day arrives but the joke won’t be on us! We are really excited now that the shape and scale of the build can be realised and the drawings actually come to life. It feels like the finish is just around the corner but of course, there is plenty to do yet. Great progress so far though.

March 2022


The first tangible results following months of groundwork are rising into the spring sky! The first steels for the Spalding extension have gone up this week and the weather has conspired to help for a change. Taking shape over the coming weeks will be the skeleton of our 1260 sq.m (13,563 sq.ft) addition to our capability. Spalding depot has been a brilliant investment from day one and our confidence in the team and site is going to be enhanced further.

March 2022


Piling almost complete and additional drainage going in too. Big Toy (as the piling machine has come to be known) towers over the existing building as it starts its work. It has completed 354 piles of 6.8M depth in under two weeks as the ground and weather have been ideal for it. The additional drainage and other subterranean services are already going in and rebar for new roadways around the building are also being laid. Commencement of build proper not too far away.

February 2022


We have been very lucky with the weather this year compared to last! Ground cleared and all surface preparations are complete. Sadly pictures of mountains of mud don’t make for great viewing. Piling begins next week and then the real build gets underway.

January 2022

Plans drawn up over the last 12 months are now to be made real. Ground was broken in unexpectedly clement weather (unlike Marden last year!) and the real work begins. We will be posting updates regularly, both here and on Twitter and Linked In, so you can follow the journey of the continuing investment and improvement we aim for. Opposite is a teaser of what is to come.