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Plain Cartons and Bespoke Items

General use to Product Specific

Boxes to fulfill your specific needs

In adddition to our extensive range of stock boxes, Produce Packaging can provide plain cartons for general use or printed cartons specific to your needs.

Whether it be a standard FEFCO 0201 box for storage or distribution, or a printed box for a particular product or promotional activity, we can help to protect, present and promote your products and business.

Plain cartons can be either white or plain kraft, while printed cartons can use up to 6 colours and a variety of finishes. Both in a range of board grades to suit your requirements.

If you would like to know more or discuss options with your local representative, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The range of FEFCO designs can be downloaded here, and there are some popular examples below.


Printed and varnished, hand erected open produce tray

Printed both sides, hand erected delivery and presentation box

Standard 0201 carton with bespoke print


Machine Erected open produce tray

Carton with integrated bottle / glass dividers

Bottle carry carton

Bottle / Glass dividers

Crashlock carton